When to Wear a Short Wedding Dress

Traditionally, wedding dresses have been long. They’re generally perceived to be both more formal, and more conservative. But a gorgeous short wedding dress can be just as glam, not to mention, fitting for a variety of occasions. Here are 7 occasions to wear a short St. Pucchi wedding dress. 

7 Occasions For a Short Wedding Dress

Wear a Short Wedding Dress to the Reception

That big and beautiful ballgown may be beautiful for your I Dos, but it may not be practical for dancing the night away! Slip into a gorgeous St. Pucchi short wedding dress so you can enjoy the reception in something short, comfortable and fuss-free

Wear a Short Wedding Dress to a Beach Wedding 

If you’re having a beach wedding, a short wedding dress is totally appropriate. You’ll keep the sand off your feet and the more laid-back vibe fits in perfectly for a beach wedding. (We have even more beach wedding ideas here). 

Wear a Short Wedding Dress to Your Anniversary Party

Already married? A short wedding dress is a fabulous frock for celebrating your anniversary party. Whether it’s your 10 year wedding anniversary or your 25th wedding anniversary, a short white wedding dress is a stylish way to celebrate the occasion

Wear a Short Wedding Dress to a Daytime Wedding

Hosting a casual daytime wedding like a beautiful brunch? Consider a short wedding dress for the affair. It’s just as festive as a traditional wedding dress and the perfect way to fit into your daytime theme, without being over-the-top.

Wear a Short Wedding Dress for Your Destination Wedding 

Besides being completely impractical, hauling a giant wedding dress to your destination wedding is just an absolute pain. For a no fuss, no muss solution, travel with a gorgeous short wedding dress for your destination wedding.

Wear a Short Wedding Dress to Show Off Your Gorgeous Gams! 

If you have legs to days and bridal shoes that are just as stunning as your wedding dress, show them off with a short wedding dress! A high-low dress like this St. Pucchi wedding dress is a great way to show some leg while tk drama. 

Wear a Short Wedding Dress Later On

The fact of the matter is, you likely won’t wear your wedding dress ever again. But if you invest in a short wedding dress, you can absolutely wear it to another soiree in the future! Whether it’s an all-white party, a summer affair or even your anniversary party, a short wedding dress can come in handy for a future event.

Would you wear a short wedding dress?