The Best Clothes for Your Body Type

This month, the bridal designer behind St. Pucchi, Rani Totman (a.k.a Rani St. Pucchi), published a brand new book unveiling her style secrets learned from years in the fashion business. "Your Body Your Style: Simple Tips on Dressing to Flatter Your Body Type is available now on Amazon. 

In this exclusive blog post, we're sharing with you one of the topics covered in Rani's book, the best clothes for your body type. Because from your rehearsal dinner and engagement party to the honeymoon and beyond, there are plenty of occasions when you'll want to look, feel and dress your best! Here, a few guidelines on the best clothes for your body type.

The Best Clothes For Your Body Type

Hourglass Shape

Do: Focus on your waist and flatter those curves! Waist-cinching belts, V-neck dresses and and tops are your friend.

Avoid: shapeless boxy items. 

Apple Shape

Do: Accentuate your bust and hips in long sleeve and V-neck tops. Dark colors help camouflage heavy areas. For your pants, make sure they sit below the hip bone. 

Avoid: Waist-cinching dresses. Skinny pants, flare pants will balance wide shoulders 

Pear Shape

Do: Off-theshoulder blouses and other tops that accentuate your upper body. Straight leg pants with heels are also fun and fashion-forward. 

Avoid: Flare-legged pants or other styles that may narrow your legs. 

Ruler Shape

Do: Create curves by cinching your waist and trying flared skirts. Ruffled tops will help add volume to your chest. Show off your legs in skinny jeans, miniskirts and bright tights.

Avoid: Boyish clothes like track pants & baggy boyfriend jeans. They’ll do nothing to flatter your figure. 

Inverted Triangle

Do: Wear flares on bottom with snug tops to draw attention to your hip area. 

Avoid: Items that will make you look top-heavy like ruffled and embellished tops. 

Many women are a mix of body types, so mix and match different styles until you find what’s right for you. You can purchase Rani Totman's book, Your Body, Your Style, here.