Recipe for Success - Set a Goal


There seems to be a lack of content out there that describes this pivotal time when we have more ‘I don’t knows’ to offer than certainties.

I realize that life has a way of figuring itself out, and no matter how hard I try to make sense of what happens, I can’t recall a single time when worry or fear aided the progression of my life.

As someone who had spent years dreaming about one day living in Dallas, I was totally convinced that the opportunity given me was short of nothing less than a Divine intervention.

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I had a unique fire in my heart and a calling on my life that I trusted would play out. I had more questions than answers right then. When I had the dream of one day living in Dallas, I had no clue as to what career I would follow, nor how I would be lead there. All I knew was that perhaps if I stopped mulling and stressing over the ‘how’ and just followed that small tug on my heart, then it would lead me right where I needed to be.

And so here I was. Saying ‘yes’ to my dream.

This was a time of celebration…

I had been fortunate enough to manifest the first step. Now came the hard part. It was time to be real. Time to set a clear goal of what exactly this life in Dallas was going to be about.

How was I going to not only make a living but also be a success at my craft?

Having accepted the offer to show my Bridal Collection at the Dallas Apparel Mart, I prayed that the Universe would back me up.

There was no time to waste. I had only six months to put together my collection. My goal was very clear: to be a success and to make my mark in an industry that I was pretty clueless about, in the city of my dreams, and in a country that I knew without a doubt I would be adopting as my “home” one day.

I wrote down a detailed list of everything I would need: the funds required, the types of fabrics and laces, jewels and notions, and the biggest challenge of all at the time: to come up with creative and unique ideas for my first bridal collection.

“Your dreams are only your dreams until you write them down

…then they become Goals”

I set myself small steps on my way to completing the bigger goal so that I would not feel so overwhelmed.

And I visualized…

I visualized every dress.

I designed it first in my mind.

I saw the embroidery details.

I started sketching feverishly and ideas started pouring out.

I worked with fabrics and notions, colors and patterns.

Designing bridal gowns was a spiritual experience for me. Although the designs flowed through me, I knew it was really the Divine doing the work. I was as if in a trance.

I visualized the success of my first bridal show, and in my mind’s eye I saw the press and buyers loving each creation. I saw orders pouring in.

The collection now ready, I flew from Bangkok to Dallas, Texas.

On April 15th, 1985, the day before my first Bridal Show, I registered my company ‘St. Pucchi’ on a wing and a prayer.

I decorated my showroom at the Dallas Apparel Mart with much anticipation and excitement. I had no clue as to what other designers would be showing since every showroom window was shrouded with opaque sheets of paper so that no one could peer in.

This was the very first show for me and I designed and decorated the showroom the best way I knew how, mostly based on what I had seen on the TV screen, especially on the series ‘Dallas’.

Sixteen mannequins on raised platforms of differing heights, clad in my handiwork, decorated the 600 square foot showroom, with one form behind each glass window on either side of the entrance.

This was the collection I was called to design, the one that I prayed would launch me as a “Bridal Designer” in America.

The day the show opened, I looked at the displays in all the other showrooms around me and my heart skipped a beat.

OMG!! What had I done?

All around me was a sea of white.

White in every window, in every showroom, on every floor of the building.

And my sixteen piece St. Pucchi bridal collection was entirely in color.

Blush, butterscotch and even pale blue…

I had not designed a single white dress.

I felt I had really messed up!

I had not taken the time to study the US bridal market and had not known what was the accepted norm in the American Bridal world.

How could I know?

Growing up in Thailand I saw only colored wedding dresses, mainly blush colored ones. Weddings were a celebration- in color. White was mostly worn during mourning.

Buyers would walk past my showroom, stop and gasp. The press would swarm around and flashes would go off as they eagerly photographed away.

People were flabbergasted by such a controversial concept and I could hear their thoughts loud and clear: Who was this designer? How could she even think that America would embrace color in bridal wear??

You see… it didn’t matter what others said. What mattered was that I believed in what I was doing. I felt passionate about my work and felt so deeply in my heart that I had finally found my calling.

This audience didn’t really understand me yet.

Or perhaps the audience I was seeking didn’t live at this address…

Designing was my passion, and fashion my calling. I knew that now. I felt as if I was the witness hovering above and watching as things unfolded.

Curious and breathless…

Next week: Action is the Key to All Success…

Now I would like to ask you this:

Do you have a goal?

Is your goal aligned with your dream and your passion?

What is your true passion?

What makes your heart sing?

If you’re not clear on what that is yet, may I suggest that you live in a constant state of curiosity, and be open to possibilities?

You’ll be pleasantly surprised that this curiosity may well lead you to find your passion one day.

And when you do, don’t let anyone talk you out of it.

Hold on to your dream. Set a goal. Visualize.

And Believe…

To Be Continued…

Next week: Action is the Key to All Success

© Rani St. Pucchi, 2017

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