Success Is A Journey - Not A Destination...

Our job is not to figure out the how. The how will show up out of the commitment and the belief in the what.”

~ Jack Canfield in The Secret

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It was the end of the third day of the Bridal Fashion Week and I was exhausted. 

It had been a long day. I had not had a moment’s reprieve as I served one buyer after another. I looked at the pile of paperwork laying on the little wooden desk in the corner of my showroom. I picked them up now and glanced thru them in disbelief, thanking God for the turn of events that day. 

I had the orders in my hand but I was lost as to how I was going to produce and deliver my dresses given my limited resources, and within the time frame I had promised…

As a novice in the fashion industry I had never thought of asking clients for a deposit to help with my production. I started to panic now, and picking up the phone I started to make several calls, reaching for help from near and dear ones, but none was forthcoming. 

But the Universe was looking out for me, and sent me an Angel. She was the owner of the most prestigious bridal salon in Brooklyn, New York at the time. I remember her like it was yesterday. 

The beautiful, gray-haired woman had taken a chance on me, and I recalled how she sat at the table in my showroom, going thru the bowl of Hershey’s kisses with gusto, making mental notes but not saying much while she proceeded to write a generous order. On the last day of the show she came back and invited me to dine with her. I was surprised and humbled. 

At dinner Ms. Hedda Kleinfeld took me by the hand and said: “Child, you need help I can see. You have a great eye for design and craftsmanship and a wonderful future ahead of you. I want to help St. Pucchi succeed. Here, take this…” As she handed me a check for her entire order, tears filled my eyes. How could she have known??

Not only that, but within a week I received a package from her with a note “Learn from this piece how to make beautiful trains for your beautiful bridal gowns”. The package contained an old sample wedding dress. 

Again I thought how did she know? Wedding dresses worn by those in Asia at the time were all floor-length, and I soon learnt that the American bride wanted three feet long trains! I was clueless on how to make patterns that would flow well.

If I was convinced before that I had a gift to share with the world, I was even more committed now to not letting Ms. Hedda down. I vowed there and then that I would be hailed as the best designer in America one day. 

I took immediate action and flew back to Bangkok, bought two sewing machines and set up my first “factory” in my little home. 

And I reached out diligently to buyers and media alike. I called every store across the U.S, and all the national and international bridal publications. 

I lived and breathed St. Pucchi

The most prestigious Bridal magazines gave me free editorials and it seemed I was the talk of the town. Buyers started to pay attention and my business took off… 

Yes, the Universe had my back and nothing could stop me. 

Within a year of seeing the amazing results of my hard work, I made a firm decision and set a goal to be recognized as the best bridal designer within 5 years. 

I wrote my goal down in my journal.

I visualized going up on the stage in front of thousands of people, press and buyers alike, and receiving my award. 

I wrote down affirmations around my visualization and played that image again and again in my mind. It was a tape loop that I never let go.

Within 18 months of setting my goal and visualizing, I was nominated as the Best Bridal Designer in Dallas.

At the same time I designed eveningwear and special occasion dresses. Buyers and press welcomed the novelty and the unique concepts in my designs. 

I continued to receive nominations in this and many other categories, finally receiving the highest honor in the U.S. 

My first DEBI (Distinctive Excellence in the Bridal Industry) award as the Best Bridal Designer in October of 1990, was received just a few months shy of my 5 year goal.

Since then my designs have been recognized globally and I have since received numerous awards. 

Today St. Pucchi dresses have been shown on every major catwalk across the world, featured in every major magazine and media, been on numerous TV shows, most notably on the hit TV sitcom Friends

I have personally worked with more than 15,000 brides and women of distinction, dressed numerous celebrities, artists, singer-songwriters and sports personalities. 

All this would have never been realized had I not followed my dream, visualized and taken massive action!

So visualizing, and then taking action, are key to your success. 

Because I embraced my vision and took action, I turned one dress into a bridal empire.

If I could do it, you can do it. 

But that was not the end of my journey. There was so much more for me to learn, and many more mountains to climb… 

There was still work to be done. 

You see: Success is a journey, not a destination

Now I want to ask you this: What is YOUR dream? 

If you have one that you would have realized, then I implore you to own your dream and move heaven and earth to make that dream come true for you. 

Imagine that it’s five years from today. Just imagine…

As you stand looking back over the last few years, you find yourself completely AWESTRUCK.

Your confidence has skyrocketed. 

You’re able to make the “right” decisions quickly and easily, and you’re able to accomplish way more in less time, and with greater ease.

As a result of all of this, your career or business has meteorically taken off…

And you’re enjoying more financial abundance, success and fulfillment than ever before!

Would you love to be standing in this place, just five years from today?

Visualize as if your dreams have already been realized. 

And then, take massive ACTION!

The world is waiting for you to show up.

Hold onto your dream with fierce determination. 

One day the people that didn’t believe in you will tell everyone how they met you.

© Rani St. Pucchi, 2017

Rani St. Pucchi is an award-winning Couture Fashion Designer, Style & Image Consultant, and a Relationship Expert. She is a Bestselling Author, a Speaker, an Inspirational Success Coach and Trainer. Her #1 International Bestselling Books, Your Body, Your Style: Simple Tips on Dressing to Flatter Your Body Type and The SoulMate Checklist : Keys to Finding Your Perfect Partner are now available on Amazon and at Barnes & Nobles.

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