Prepare For A Wedding That Reflects Your Inner Beauty

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One of the foremost concerns on the mind of most brides as they prepare for their wedding are questions such as:

 What do others expect of me?

 How will I come across to my family and friends?

 What will they say?

 I find that a little sad, seeing that it is YOUR day.

 What about YOUR dreams?

I’m sure you’ve waited for this day with anticipation and excitement. Should you not share with others what it is that you want? Involve your near and dear ones, those you’re closest to and who understand and support you, so that they share in your excitement and help you realize your vision for your day.

What is it that you would like?

 Where would you like to get married?

 Who would you like to invite?

 What would you like to wear?

 What décor, colors, music, …. have you envisioned for your day?

What exactly does YOUR heart desire?

 If you’re like most brides you can get swayed by others’ opinions and get caught up trying to please everyone. More often than not this leads to some resentment after the fact, perhaps even leaving you with feelings of regret that you didn't go with what you had envisioned, what you always longed for, what would make you happy..

Planning a wedding should be fun!

Don't let anyone steal you of your moment, of the joy that is rightfully yours.

Bask in your love and love your journey.

 In the next series of blogs I will share with you the different aspects of your wedding and the choices you have so you may pick what resonates most with you, and meets your heart’s greatest longing for your special day as you prepare to walk down the aisle to say “I Do”

After all, the walk down the aisle is the moment of a lifetime - a moment to be treasured forever.

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