Your Wedding Planning Timeline - Part IV

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As your wedding day gets closer, in addition to all the other pending items on your list, there are also some legal matters that need your attention - matters such as a Marriage License, a Prenuptial Agreement (if that is the desire of both you and your fiancé), decisions about your Name Change and what that would entail…

 So, here’s a list drawn up for you, of tasks to accomplish during the few months leading to your wedding.


 ___Apply for a marriage license

 ___Order your wedding cake

 ___Plan your rehearsal dinner

 ___Plan your bachelorette party

 ___Plan your bridesmaids’ get-together

 ___Try on your wedding attire

 ___Confirm delivery of the bridesmaids’ dresses

 ___Secure wedding day transportation for guests

___Review and approve wedding announcements and printed program proofs

 ___Finalize choice of honeymoon destination and make reservations

 ___Prepare Honeymoon wardrobe

 ___Book a room for the wedding night

 ___Finalize details for post-wedding brunch

 ___Discuss the prenuptial agreement


 Above are bullet points taken from the bestseller- Your Bridal Style: Everything You Need to Know to Design the Wedding of Your Dreams

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In the following articles we will look at what tasks need your attention as you get closer to your wedding day:

 a.     1-2 months prior

b.     Final weeks and days

 Due to the many differences between weddings, you may find some of the reminders listed don’t really apply to you. Or, perhaps a few particular details that are part of your special plans are excluded from this list. Modify the checklist as you go along until you’re satisfied it’s tailored to your needs.

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