Online Purchase – Steps to Take

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Today, an ocean of choices has become available online, which can often overwhelm and cause confusion. 

Here are steps you can take to make your choice easier: 

* Make a list of the features you wish for in a dress that would look good on your body type such as silhouette, neckline, sleeves, and fabric. Also list what you would like to avoid (read Your Bridal Style: Everything You Need to Know to Design the Wedding of Your Dreams Chapter 5: Lines That Flatter: Choosing a Style for Your Figure and Chapter 6: Wedding Dress Silhouettes).

* Filter by price to make sure you’re staying within your dress budget.

* Pin your favorites on your online inspiration board or print them out so you can lay them all out and compare them. 

* Eliminate the dresses that do not match your needs. 

* Pay attention to details on the chosen dresses: note the fabric, construction, and how it drapes on the model. 

* Check the manufacturer’s measurement chart and determine the optimal size. 

* Place your order. 

* Find a good seamstress who has experience working with complicated gowns. Once your dress arrives, you will more than likely need some alterations. 

Unfortunately, in this day and age, the Internet is flooded with websites selling cheap imitations and fake goods, some even bold enough to use other designers’ original images to lure you into believing that you are, in fact, receiving an authentic designer dress. So, beware of some sites that offer bargain dresses. Sometimes a cheap dress can just end up being a headache and cost more than you bargained for. 

It is best to order directly from a designer’s website than from third-party vendors or those who pose as representatives. When a designer puts their name on a piece, it is a symbol of pride, and they are putting their reputation on the line. Investing in a reputable designer’s piece ensures that you are receiving a well-made garment of the best quality, an heirloom that you can pass on to generations. 

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