Gloves, or No Gloves?

St. Pucchi style 496   

St. Pucchi style 496


One of the questions I am asked very often is whether gloves are in vogue or not, and when are they appropriate to wear. 

Here’s an excerpt from Your Bridal Style:

“Gloves add an old-world elegance to wedding attire. The question is, what’s appropriate and what’s not? 

Here are the general rules: 

Long gloves: For a longer, more formal dress, gloves of either elbow or opera length (above the elbow) give an elegant look. They draw attention to your arms, especially if your shoulders are bare and you have on a sleeveless dress or one with spaghetti straps. Opera-length gloves also provide warmth and flair if you’re having a winter wedding.

Short gloves: These are great when wanting to create a subtler effect. For a summer garden wedding, short gloves lend a fresh and light flavor and give your gown a daintier, less formal look. 

If you have heavy arms, gloves will call attention to them, rather than camouflage them. If you have short arms but love the look of a long glove, choose an elbow-length pair rather than opera-length. Stay away from gloves that cut your upper arm at its heaviest point. 

Leather can be worn year-round, but save velvet gloves for winter. 

When wearing a suit jacket with a skirt or pants, gloves should be classic and simple. Forget wide cuffs and embellished trim. Short, wide kid gloves look best with suits. 

A fashion-forward bride can pair her gown with a colored glove, perhaps an ice blue or a lilac that coordinates with her bridesmaids’ dresses.”

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