Protecting Yourself In Marriage

Many a starry-eyed couple goes into marriage with their blinders on. 

They’re in love and caught in a whirlwind of romance. They are confident beyond any doubt that they have made the absolute right choice. After all they have found the love of their life, their life partner, their soul mate – one with whom they will spend the rest of their life with - for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do they part…

Some are indeed lucky to have found their forever love, and because they are committed their love withstands the test of time. Many, however, are not so fortunate. 

Statistics show that 50% of first time marriages in the Western world ends in divorce. That percentage jumps to a staggering 70% for second and third time marriages. 

Why is that so? Well, for one thing we live in a world of instant gratification. Blame it on technology too if you will, contributing to each person’s lack of focus and leading to short and scattered attention span. It is becoming rare to find a couple completely invested in, and consciously working at, their marriage especially during times when it needs their loving attention and participation. 

So, what is a couple to do to protect themselves? If divorce does enter into the equation the heartache will potentially mend over time, but the pocketbook may not survive. Finances may be drained in the process and take forever to recover. How is one to protect one’s life savings, assets, life’s work, so they can survive a failed marriage if, unfortunately, that does happen?  

‘Prevention is better than cure’ is not just an adage for the health of a person, but also the health of a marriage. It’s always better to protect what you have built over the years and step into a practical mode of thinking before tying the knot. Let the head rule over the heart before you embark on your journey just so you don't fall on hard times if divorce does enter into the equation down the road. Such is life, and such are the times we live in - sad but true. 

A Prenuptial Agreement may feel like an insult and sound negative to an experience that should be one filled with love and bliss, suggesting that either partner is not sure that their marriage will last. 

When one is in love, tending fences can be overlooked. However, since so many marriages
end in separation or divorce today, having a prenuptial agreement in place is wise. Having a prenup doesn’t mean that your marriage will fail or that you don’t love each other. It just helps each partner keep what was originally his or hers in individual, separate accounts. This saves you from being embroiled in any lawsuits or held accountable for your spouse’s previous debts so that you don’t risk having to split your premarital assets in a divorce. 

A prenuptial agreement can also include provisions for division of property and spousal support in the event the marriage breaks up and ends in divorce, as well as further conditions of guardianship. 

Consult with your lawyer and make sure your prenup is watertight and spans the length of your marriage. Both sides must have legal representation for a prenup to be valid. 

Getting married involves legal expenses, ramification, and requirements. Those are the facts of life. So go into a marriage with an open mind along with a love-filled heart. 

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