Your Bridal Fitting: How to Prepare, What to Bring…

The wedding planning process is an exciting time; it's the coming together of ideas and precious moments when you start to see your wedding day look come together! 

While you’re so busy planning other aspects of your wedding, make sure to pay attention to the importance of being prepared for your bridal fitting. Make sure your bridal fitting is as successful as possible with these tips on how best to prepare and what to bring: 

  1. Bring Your Bridal Undergarments


If you are trying on wedding dresses for the first time, make sure to bring a nude bra with removable straps. When you are ready for your last stages of bridal fitting, bring along your actual wedding day undergarments. Wear the bra you plan on wearing on your wedding day, as well as your corset if you've purchased one. And don't forget your slip or petticoat since this can also make a difference to the length of your dress. 

2. Bring Your Wedding Day Shoes

image-bridal-red shoe-shutterstock_414019939.jpeg

Don't forget to bring your wedding day shoes for your dress fittings! These can match the color of your dress, or of a bold accent that are fun and flirtatious! The right shoes help the tailor see the height that you'll be so she can adjust the length of your dress accordingly. If your heels are brand new, be sure to wear them around the house a bit before your wedding day to break them in. It's also a good time to see if you'll need any shoe inserts to help make them more comfortable.

3. Bring Your Veil

St. Pucchi style 501

St. Pucchi style 501

Toward your last fitting, you'll want to bring your wedding veil and any hair-pieces you may be wearing so you can see how the complete look comes together. Make sure your veil complements your wedding dress and your personal style. 

 4. Bring Your Accessories

Your bridal fitting is the perfect opportunity to preview your entire wedding day look so be sure to bring along the accessories you plan on wearing, too! Bring your necklace, earrings and bracelet you plan on wearing to make sure you like the entire look together. 


5. Book one of your bridal fittings on the same day as your hair and makeup trial so you can really envision your wedding day look. 

image-bridal hair-shutterstock_206150065.jpeg


Have your maid of honor or mother snap a few photos for you, so you can be sure it's everything you dreamed of. 


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