The Budget-Savvy Bride…Part II

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In our previous post, The Budget-Savvy Bride…Part I: we delved into Online Purchases and what to look out for.

Today we will talk about Samples and Clearance Sales:

Most bridal salons and designer websites have sample and clearance sales to make room for new merchandise as well as to get rid of discontinued styles due to lack of space and changing demands. This is your chance to purchase a fabulous gown sans the hefty price.

 Since wedding dresses are sized differently compared to ready-to-wear clothing, make sure you know where you are on the size chart prior to purchasing your sale gown, as most sales are final.

 In most cases, though, the store may not have the size or the color you need. Floor samples in stores are usually smaller in size and have been tried on by several brides-to-be, so expect some wear and tear.

 A sale is only good if you are flexible and willing to settle for whatever you can get. Most stores do not disclose which styles and sizes they will be offering for sale. Also, don’t expect to find the current year and season’s models, as they would not be among the sale items.

 Call the stores where you found some styles you liked to see if and when they will be having their sale. Plan in advance so you don’t get caught up in the mayhem, as it can get quite chaotic as other brides are also there searching for their dream gown at a bargain price. Some stores require an appointment, so do your homework.

 Here are ten steps you can take to pick the right dress with minimum hassle:

 1.  Visit the bridal salons in advance to find out what choices are being offered. Try on several dresses and shortlist a few that you love.

 2.  Note the dress model numbers and sizes so that you reach them first on the day of the sale.

 3.  Get your friends to pitch in and help to scout out the potential gowns faster by showing them pictures of styles you are looking for.

 4.  Dressing rooms can be rushed and chaotic during sales, so don’t expect to spend too much time trying on one gown after another.

 5.  Be ready to make a quick decision and get ready to make your purchase there and then.

 6.  Expect that this is a final sale.

7.   In the event that the dress is not in your size, ask the store if they offer alterations and the costs involved.

 8.  Make an appointment to bring the dress back for alterations and fittings.

 9.  If your sample gown is soiled from dirt and sweat from having been tried on, then you may need to get it cleaned. Ask the store for their recommendations.

 10.  Factor in alteration and cleaning costs and make sure you are within your budget.

 Unfortunately, if you have only a single style in mind, then your chances are not so good and a sale is not the answer to finding the dress of your dreams.

*Above is an excerpt from the #1 International Bestseller, Your Bridal Style: Everything You Need to Know to Design the Wedding of Your Dreams

Below are a few of styles offered exclusively via our website If you have any questions feel free to reach out to and our expert stylist will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Avine Perucci - Style 532

Avine Perucci - Style 532

Avine Perucci - Style 538

Avine Perucci - Style 538

St. Pucchi Couture - Style 9379

St. Pucchi Couture - Style 9379

Sposa by St. Pucchi - Style Z258

Sposa by St. Pucchi - Style Z258

Avine Perucci - Style 533

Avine Perucci - Style 533

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