When to Wear a Short Wedding Dress

Traditionally, wedding dresses have been long. They’re generally perceived to be both more formal, and more conservative. But a gorgeous short wedding dress can be just as glam, not to mention, fitting for a variety of occasions. Here are 7 occasions to wear a short St. Pucchi wedding dress. 

7 Occasions For a Short Wedding Dress

Wear a Short Wedding Dress to the Reception

That big and beautiful ballgown may be beautiful for your I Dos, but it may not be practical for dancing the night away! Slip into a gorgeous St. Pucchi short wedding dress so you can enjoy the reception in something short, comfortable and fuss-free

Wear a Short Wedding Dress to a Beach Wedding 

If you’re having a beach wedding, a short wedding dress is totally appropriate. You’ll keep the sand off your feet and the more laid-back vibe fits in perfectly for a beach wedding. (We have even more beach wedding ideas here). 

Wear a Short Wedding Dress to Your Anniversary Party

Already married? A short wedding dress is a fabulous frock for celebrating your anniversary party. Whether it’s your 10 year wedding anniversary or your 25th wedding anniversary, a short white wedding dress is a stylish way to celebrate the occasion

Wear a Short Wedding Dress to a Daytime Wedding

Hosting a casual daytime wedding like a beautiful brunch? Consider a short wedding dress for the affair. It’s just as festive as a traditional wedding dress and the perfect way to fit into your daytime theme, without being over-the-top.

Wear a Short Wedding Dress for Your Destination Wedding 

Besides being completely impractical, hauling a giant wedding dress to your destination wedding is just an absolute pain. For a no fuss, no muss solution, travel with a gorgeous short wedding dress for your destination wedding.

Wear a Short Wedding Dress to Show Off Your Gorgeous Gams! 

If you have legs to days and bridal shoes that are just as stunning as your wedding dress, show them off with a short wedding dress! A high-low dress like this St. Pucchi wedding dress is a great way to show some leg while tk drama. 

Wear a Short Wedding Dress Later On

The fact of the matter is, you likely won’t wear your wedding dress ever again. But if you invest in a short wedding dress, you can absolutely wear it to another soiree in the future! Whether it’s an all-white party, a summer affair or even your anniversary party, a short wedding dress can come in handy for a future event.

Would you wear a short wedding dress?  

Real Bride: Janie & Ozzie's Maui Wedding

From the Bride: Jubilance, elation, and sheer excitement consumed me from the moment I put on my St Pucchi wedding dress on August 20th, 2015!  Since I was “Maui’d” in Hawaii I really didn’t need much to make my wedding look beautiful. Maui has the most gorgeous scenery, and I incorporated it into my decor: pineapples painted gold with tropical flowers for centerpieces and a surf board for my seating chart. Wearing my stunning St Pucchi dress made me feel like a Hawaiian mermaid, and with my handsome groom by my side my wedding was truly the most magical day of my life. You can feel the happiness and sense the romance; Melissa McClure Photography captured it beautifully.


Photographer: Melissa McClure Photography
Bride's Attire: St. Pucchi Sposa Z348
Groom's Attire:  United States Air Force Mess Dress & tan suit by Jos. A. Bank
Flowers: Dellables Wedding Design & Florals
Cake: Cake Fanatics
DJ: Barefoot Minded Band & Clarity Entertainment 
Ceremony Venue: Sacred Hearts Mission Church. Reception: Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa

Easter Wedding Ideas

Springtime and Easter is upon us, and what better way to celebrate the new season than with these Easter wedding ideas!

An Easter wedding is the perfect occasion to break out all things pastel, and a great way to celebrate the spring season. Not sure how to incorporate this spring theme into your wedding day? Here are some of our favorite Easter wedding ideas.

Easter Weddings Ideas

Pastel everything? Yes, please! Pastels and tulips are the essentials of Easter, so they are a must for any Easter wedding. Use tulips as centerpieces or your bridal bouquet. Treat guests with takeaway desserts that double as decor items with these pretty pastel macarons. 

White wedding dresses may be traditional, but spring is the perfect time to break the rules and try something pretty in pink. We love the idea of incorporating the color throughout the wedding decor, too. 

If you are having a wedding on a beautiful Easter Sunday, why not take the unconventional route and incorporate staples of the holiday in the decor? Use Peter Rabbit in your table settings and take risks with your bouquet. No need to stick to typical flowers for your big day, grab something that screams spring.

Even bigger bonus? Grab this dress as part of our ongoing St. Pucchi sample sale.

Now that the weather is warming up, try a wedding dress that's short and sweet. Keep with the Easter theme and incorporate bunnies and Easter eggs throughout the room. Still a kid at heart? Top your cake with your favorite Easter candy!

What do you think? Would you incorporate any of these Easter wedding ideas into your Big Day?  

Real Bride: Nicole and Eric's San Francisco Fairmont Wedding

fairmont wedding photos_0050.jpg

The Story:

Nicole Grover and Eric Taylor met at their private high school while on the same chapel worship team. After dating for four years, Eric popped the question on their annual family trip to Santa Cruz, California. Her family was awaiting nearby and caught the entire proposal on camera! The couple had a gorgeous, fairytale wedding in The Fairmont San Francisco's glamorous ballroom, which was outfitted with cream and gold floral centerpieces and elegant gold chiavari chairs. Nicole looked ravishing in her cream St. Pucchi ballgown made entirely of sumptuous Thai silk and featuring layers of crystals and a bubble skirt. Congratulations to Nicole and Eric, your wedding was absolutely breathtaking! 



Venue: THE FAIRMONT, San Francisco


Wedding gown: ST PUCCHI


Hairstylist: Chris Kelsey

Make-up: Josie Houlihan

18 Success Principles of Relationships

This article originally appeared on The Huffington Post

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." (Rumi)

When it comes to relationships many of us are on the constant search for "the one" so that we may live "happily ever after".

The truth is that we are looking at all the wrong places because, believe it or not, the answers are inside each of us. The myth that "My happiness is dependent on my partner" is just that: a myth. It means that you are giving away your power and living your life by someone else's standards for you.

The following principles will encourage you to evaluate your expectations, and stimulate you to expand your relationships to heightened levels of enjoyment and increased peace within, by integrating the wisdom into your daily reality.

1. Respect: Without mutual respect a relationship is doomed for failure. Respect each other's ideas and decisions with an undercurrent of love and trust, knowing that you have each other's goodness at heart.

2. Adapt: It is common knowledge that we each grow as our relationship evolves. Don't fight this but embrace each other, giving each other room and keep an open mind and an open heart.

3. Be Courteous: Real happiness has its foundation on the altar of understanding and kind words. Even if you do not agree with your partner, merely displaying calm silence, sincerity and courteous words shows that you care.

4. Listen More: Talking and acting from your own viewpoint most of the time, instead of trying to see the other's side, shows lack of care and understanding. This does not mean that you compromise on your own ideals and inner peace. Agreeing to disagree is a quality that can be cultivated.

5. Stop the Blame Game: When you find yourself in an unpleasant situation it is best to get out of it as graciously as you can. To focus on the issue and blow things out of proportion is fruitless. You can teach people to mend their faults a hundred times better by setting a good example than you can by harsh or self-righteous words.

6. Practice Self-Awareness: It is great practice to reflect once in a while on what you are contributing to your relationship. Look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are being judgmental, hypercritical, unfair, defensive and unkind. Constantly course correct.

7. Admit your mistakes: This is one of the hardest things to do, especially when you know you are wrong. But this simple gesture will bring you peace of mind and increased love and acceptance in your relationship.

8. Celebrate each other: Lift each other up and celebrate the small and large victories together. Sharing is caring. Be happy for each other.

9. Forgive Often: Mark Twain said it best: "Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it". Forgiving, by its very act, makes you the bigger person. Sometimes you forgive even though you know your partner is wrong. You forgive the other not for their sake, but for your own. The inner peace you attain as a result makes it all worthwhile.

10. Love to be Loved: If you wish to be loved, start loving the other first. Whatever you want others to be, first be that yourself, then you will find others responding in like manner to you. When each wants to see the other happy, then loving each other comes naturally.

11. Be Careful How You React: The way you react to a situation determines the outcome. If the outcome is not to your liking, then respond differently. Instead of blaming the event or your partner, look honestly at yourself. The answers may surprise you.

12. Communicate: Sometimes we allow anger and resentment to fester. When something is bothering you, it is best to communicate sooner rather than later. In communicating use the word "I" and not "You". By doing so you are not accusing the other, merely stating how you feel. Such as "I am disappointed that..."; "I resent..."; "I hate it when..."; "I would love it if..." etc.

13. Appreciate Each Other: Make a list of what you appreciate about your partner and your relationship. Read it often. Sometimes it's the little things that we need to be reminded of, that help bring back the reasons and the focus on why we fell in love in the first place. Speak it out and let him know how much he is appreciated.

14. Acknowledge and Let Go of Each Other's Past: We each have skeletons in our closets, instances and events that we are not too proud of, or that have brought us sorrow or shame; relationships that have failed, or people that we would rather not be reminded of. Let it all go. It does not serve your relationship. That was then, and this is now.

15. Exude Peace: To be at peace with one's immediate relations, is the greatest of all happiness next to divine happiness. Unless you are at peace with yourself, you cannot bring peace into your relationship. Meditation, prayer, spiritual practice- each contributes to help us achieve peace in our lives. Pray together and enjoy meals together. The more time you share together, the deeper your love for one another will grow.

16. Share Your Finances: Be willing to share and be truthful and responsible in money matters. Even if one makes more money than the other, each of you has an equal say about joint expenses in the household. You decide to agree on separate or joint accounts from the very get go, so that your mutual decision does not affect your relationship and intimacy in your lives.

17. Be Best Friends First: Life can bring many challenges. One of the most wonderful things about marriage and relationships is that you have each other to share your sorrows and joys with. Keep your friendship strong by going on date nights together, talk and laugh with each other. When you come from a place of true friendship, nothing will faze you because you will always know that you have each other's back, as well as the strength to overcome any adversity that life may bring.

18. Cultivate a Wide, Diverse Circle of Friends: Interacting with your circle of mutual friends, and sharing your time with others together, makes you appreciate your partner even more and can be a source of great joy and fulfillment in your relationship.

.Follow Rani St. Pucchi on Twitter: www.twitter.com/RaniStPucchi


Valentine's Day Weddings Ideas

Valentine's Day is upon us, and what better way to celebrate love than with these romantic Valentine's Day wedding ideas!

A Valentine's Day wedding is the perfect occasion to break out all things pink, red and heart-shaped, without that cliché feeling. Not sure how to incorporate the ultimate theme of romance into your wedding day? Here are some of our favorite Valentine's Day wedding ideas.

Valentine's Day Weddings Ideas

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to add a dramatic veil to your big day. We love the playfulness of this arrow cake and chocolate heart candy station. 


Decorate the tables with long-stem roses and daisies, all in the perfect bright red color scheme of Valentine's Day. Pair this with a show stopping wedding dress that's classically romantic for all eyes on you.

Valentine's Day is the ultimate romantic holiday, so feel free to go big and go bold. Valentine's Day weddings should never be understated. Think bright colors, an overload of flowers and a ton of sequins. This St. Pucchi dress is perfect for adding that extra sparkle to the big day.

Short and sweet is one of the best ways to celebrate on the day of love. If you are feeling a short dress, try St. Pucchi wedding dress. The flower embellishment perfectly matches the rose textured cake and centerpieces. The blush pink is soft and romantic and the details aren't over-the-top. 

What do you think? Would you incorporate any of these Valentine's Day wedding ideas into your Big Day? 

NEW Sample Sale Gowns + Our Current Favorites

We are kicking off 2016 in style with some brand new additions to our ongoing St. Pucchi sample sale! This week, we've rounded up the new St. Pucchi sample sale gowns and some of our current favorites. Through February 28, 2016 take an extra 50% off already discounted wedding gowns! That means a total savings up to 80% off a gorgeous St. Pucchi wedding gown. You can shop the St. Pucchi sample sale here. And, read on to see some of our favorite picks! 

St. Pucchi Sample Sale Couture

St. Pucchi couture wedding gown 9399 features a figure flattering A-line cut silk organza dress. It's hand embroidered and features a delicate sheer jewel neckline. 

St. Pucchi couture wedding gown 9407 is a classic ballgown style in pure silk organza. The bodice is beaded in crystals and pearls and the full skirt features beautiful silk swirls. 

Make a statement in this pure silk Dupioni dropped waist gown. The Queen Anne neckline with a plunging V-neck features gorgeous hand-embroidered details.  

For the untraditional bride, this beautiful black and white St. Pucchi wedding gown is a lovely choice. This silk organza gown features a jaw-droppingly gorgeous cathedral train. 

Shop more of the St. Pucchi Couture Sample Sale here

St. Pucchi Sample Sale Sposa Collection

At just under $1,500, this St. Pucchi wedding gown is an unbelievable steal. This A-line dress features bands of clustered piping at the  neckline, waist and along the skirt.

This St. Pucchi wedding gown has a soft, ethereal feel and features hand-embroidered flowers with Alencon lace. 

Ball gown wedding dresses never go out of style, and this St. Pucchi wedding gown is a classic choice. The gown features a dropped waist bodice lined with silk piping and scattered crystals. 

The fashion-forward femme fatale will love this St. Pucchi mermaid gown. The mermaid skirt features a bubble hem and crystal detailing along the neckline. 

Shop more of the St. Pucchi Sample Sale Sposa Collection here

St. Pucchi Sample Sale Avine Perucci Collection 


We love the sassy feel of this St. Pucchi gown from the Avine Perucci collection. Featuring Silk shantung and a fit & flare draped bodice, the full skirt has a bubble hem with tiered organza.  


This gorgeous St. Pucchi silk organza mermaid gown features a sweetheart neckline with criss-cross halter straps which are crystal embellished. The bodice is hand embroidered in a floral and leaf motif. Silk organza fitted mermaid dress has a sweetheart neckline and crystal criss-crossed halter straps. 


The organza ruffles that adorn the front of this St. Pucchi wedding gown make a gorgeous statement. This romantic wedding gown has a detachable train and delicate pearl beads at the edge of the ruffles.  

Shop more St. Pucchi Sample Sale Avine Preucci Collection here

Top 10 Pantone Spring 2016 Wedding Colors

If you're still deciding on the color scheme for your wedding, take a cue from this list of top 10 Pantone spring 2016 wedding colors. These gorgeous colors run the gamut from soft and feminine to bold choices, and many of them pair quite beautifully together. What we're most inspired by this year, however, is the top two color choices: Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue. These classic pastel hues make absolutely gorgeous spring wedding colors! 

Rose Quartz Wedding Inspiration

Both Rose Quartz and Serenity were named the top two colors of the year, and these pretty pastels make gorgeous wedding colors! Try a Rose Quartz and gold combination for a girly and glamorous feel. It all pairs perfectly with this blush St. Pucchi wedding gown

Serenity Blue Wedding Inspiration 

Soft, romantic and definitely timeless, we can't help but adore Serenity Blue as a wedding color. Not to mention, it's a great way to sprinkle "something blue" throughout your wedding! Try a beautiful blue accent, like the powder blue sash used on this St. Pucchi wedding gown.  

Want even more wedding color inspiration? Here is the full list of top 10 Pantone Spring 2016 Wedding colors. Many of them would look beautiful for a summer or fall wedding, too! 

Top 10 Pantone Spring 2016 Wedding Colors

What do you think? Would you incorporate any of these colors into your wedding day? 

Gorgeous New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas

What better way to kick off the new year than with a new marriage? A New Year's Eve wedding is the perfect time to celebrate your love; here are a few ideas to make the day uniquely yours. 

Why save the Champagne toast solely for the reception? Have a toast ready for partygoers when the ball drops, and with a dress that is sure to be the center of any extravagant affair.

New Year's Eve is the perfect time to try something out of the ordinary, like a blush dress for the ceremony. For the reception, slip into something short and sassy to dance the night away! The occasion calls for something fun and different.  

A New Year's Eve wedding is a great time to embrace classic colors, like a black and white theme. A beautiful black and white wedding dress will wow guests and makes a statement.

St. Pucchi 9457;  Mask

St. Pucchi 9457; Mask

There's no better occasion for something truly glamorous like a New Year's Eve wedding. We love the drama of this St. Pucchi stunner. 

What New Year's Eve wedding trends will you try?

Thanksgiving Wedding Ideas

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we've got fall themed weddings on the mind. Many brides take advantage of the long weekend to celebrate their nuptials on or after Thanksgiving Day. If you're having your ceremony Thanksgiving weekend, you'll definitely want to keep these Thanksgiving wedding ideas in mind for your wedding day. 

Thanksgiving Wedding Ideas

St. Pucchi Z266,  Pie Bar ,  Invite ,   Card holders

St. Pucchi Z266, Pie BarInvite,  Card holders

Thanksgiving Inspired Wedding Decor

One of the easiest ways to incorporate a fall theme into your Thanksgiving wedding is with the overall decor! Acorn place settings, festive foods like a pie bar and autumn leaves all bring a touch of fall to this wedding. A St. Pucchi lace dress perfectly pairs with this rustic glam wedding theme.  

St. Pucchi 9430, Table decor:  Indeed Decor

St. Pucchi 9430, Table decor: Indeed Decor

St. Pucchi Z290,  Floral Arrangement,   Boutonniere  

St. Pucchi Z290, Floral Arrangement, Boutonniere 

Fall Florals for Your Thanksgiving Wedding

Another simple way to bring a Thanksgiving feel to your wedding is by incorporating fall florals. We also love the idea of bringing in some prints; the dots on this groomsman's tie perfectly coordinates with the bride's gorgeous St. Pucchi wedding gown. 

Give Thanks

Lastly, give thanks to your guests for taking time out of the holiday weekend to celebrate with you. 

Spring 2016 Wedding Dress Trends

Now that Bridal Fashion Week has come to a close, we can look forward to some of the most beautiful trends that emerged. Here, we've rounded up some of our favorite spring 2016 wedding dress trends inspired by the shows. 


Off-the-shoulder styles are a big fashion trend at the moment, so it's no surprise the trend has trickled into wedding dresses, as well. It's a great way to show off a little skin in a subtle way. 

Cutout Neckline

Plunging and cutout necklines were a big spring 2016 wedding dress trend; if a plunging neckline is too risqué for you, this cutout look is a good one to try. 

Empire Waist

The empire waist gown is a classic that doesn't go out of style and is particularly great for brides looking for a dress that elongates the body. This one features gorgeous, delicate details on the bodice and an equally stunning skirt. 


For the bride wanting a truly fashion-forward look that her groom and guests won't soon forget, this overskirt wedding dress style makes a beautiful statement. 

Subtle Color

An-all white dress is timeless, but a hint of color is fresh and modern. This chantilly lace dress over mint green silk is subtle in its use of color. 

Dramatic Sleeves

For brides who want to strike the balance between trendy and timeless, dramatic sleeves prove to be a bold and beautiful choice. Th sheer bell sleeves feature gorgeous hand embroidered floral appliqués. 


A little bit of sheer is a playful addition to any wedding dress. This St. Pucchi wedding gown features a touch of sheer on the bodice as well as the bottom half of the skirt for a look that's still modest yet contemporary. 

Which of these spring 2016 wedding dress trends would you try? 

Real Bride Feature: Maria & Anthony

From the Bride:


It was a magical fairytale event just like I dreamed of when I was a little girl! The perfect groom, gorgeous weather, fireworks at the reception and even a surprise celebrity entertainer. But nothing made the day more magical, however, other than my handsome groom, that is, than my dream dress! My St. Pucci gown was divine! It was everything I had always dreamed my wedding dress would be. I felt like a Queen. From the majestic train to the delicate blue bead & feather detailing on the bodice, my gown wowed and I felt like a princess on the one day where every girl should! 


Dress: St. Pucchi

Tux: Dolce & Gabbanna

Flowers/Event Design: Julie Conley of Warren Country Events

Photographer: Danny Sanchez   









Real Bride Feature: Leah & Jake

This month's real bride feature is Jake and Leah's gorgeous Waconia, MN, wedding that took place this past May. Photographer Krista Reynolds did a beautiful job capturing their wedding day, and Leah looked absolutely stunning in her St. Pucchi dress! 

From Krista: 

Jake and Leah had planned their wedding for over a year. Wanting every detail to be totally perfect. They went for a rustic theme with centerpieces they made themselves. I love the way the navy and gray all worked so well together. The day was perfect, everything went as planned. Leah looked stunning and Jake was such a classic groom! I also loved that the ceremony was so fitting. They had a great friend do the ceremony and it all tied together so beautifully! 


Dress: St. Pucchi

Flowers: The Vinery

Photographer: Krista Reynolds

Groom's Attire: All About Brides

Congratulations on a gorgeous wedding Leah & Jake! 

For more real bride features, click here. 

St. Pucchi Summer Sample Sale-Final Days!

It's the final days for the St. Pucchi summer sample sale where you can take an additional 50% off already discounted St. Pucchi sample sale wedding gowns! You can find gorgeous St. Pucchi wedding gowns on sale from the three main collections: St. Pucchi couture wedding gowns; St. Pucchi Sposa wedding gowns and St. Pucchi Avine Perucci wedding gowns. 

The St. Pucchi Couture collection is the most lavish of St. Pucchi's wedding gowns, featuring exquisite hand embroidered details, sparkling crystals and the finest silk. Here are a few of our favorite St. Pucchi couture wedding gowns on sale. You can find more of our favorite St. Pucchi couture gowns here

The Sposa by St. Pucchi collection is St. Pucchi's diffusion line, featuring more affordable looks than St. Pucchi couture wedding gowns but the same fashion-forward feel. Sposa by St. Pucchi wedding gowns are elegant yet simple and sophisticated and many feature gorgeous draping. You can see more of our favorite Sposa by St. Pucchi sample sale gowns here.

The St. Pucchi Avine Perucci wedding gown collection features gorgeous bridal gowns with an Old World feel; silken fabrics, intricate embroidery, classic bustles and delicate hand beaded details are just some of the characteristics of these gorgeous wedding gowns. You can see more of our favorite St. Pucchi Avine Perucci wedding gowns here

This summer sample sale is coming to a close in just a few days so hurry now before your dream wedding dress is gone! Use promo code SUMMER15 at checkout for the additional 50% off. 

St. Pucchi Summer Sample Sale: Avine Perucci Wedding Gowns

Our summer sample sale is almost coming to a close! Right now through August 15, you can take an additional 50% off our already discounted St. Pucchi sample sale dresses. That means amazing deals on St. Pucchi couture wedding gowns, as well as gowns from the St. Pucchi Sposa collection and St. Pucchi Avine Perucci gowns.

This week, we've rounded up some of our favorite St. Pucchi Avine Perucci gowns on sale. 

St. Pucchi Summer Sample Sale: Avine Perucci Wedding Gowns

Stun your husband-to-be and your wedding guests in this gorgeous St. Pucchi wedding gown. St. Pucchi 501 features a sweetheart neckline and balloon skirt that's elaborately bustled. Hand embroidered lace panels and the chapel train create a romantic look. Pair it with a statement veil for a jaw-dropping look. 

This classic St. Pucchi wedding gown is simple and elegant, featuring a flattering sweetheart neckline and fit and flare style. We love the bubble hem and the touch of glamour with the jeweled appliqué that runs along the side of the bodice. 

St. Pucchi 533

St. Pucchi 533

For a wedding gown with a truly ethereal feel, look no further than St. Pucchi 533 from the Avine Perucci collection. This gorgeous St. Pucchi sample sale wedding gown features panels of pleated organza on the skirt that create a floaty feel. The corset bodice features a flirty lace tie back.  

St. Pucchi 538

St. Pucchi 538

With its plunging V-neckline, halter style and beautifully embellished crystal bodice, St. Pucchi 538 is both sexy and subtle. We love this look for a beach bride  as the wispy vertical skirt panels create an airy feel. (For more beautiful beach wedding dresses, check out this post!) 

St. Pucchi 532

St. Pucchi 532

St. Pucchi wedding gown 532 from the Avine Perucci collection screams romance. We adore the whimsical feel of the accordion pleated silk organza skirt and the bodice has just the right amount of glam with beautiful bands of jeweled clusters that scatter across.  

Delicate organza ruffles adorn this St. Pucchi wedding gown from top to bottom and pearlized beads at the edge of the ruffles create a beautiful shimmer. This mermaid style dress also features a detachable train. 

St. Pucchi Summer Sample Sale-Sposa Wedding Gowns

This summer, we're excited to offer an additional 50% off our already discounted St. Pucchi sample sale wedding gowns! Last week we rounded up some of our favorite couture wedding gowns on sale, and this week, we're featuring some of our favorite St. Pucchi Sposa wedding gowns on sale

St. Pucchi Sample Sale: Sposa Wedding Gowns

For the bride looking for a fairytale wedding gown, these St. Pucchi Sposa wedding gowns are a dream come true. Whether you prefer the layered look of St. Pucchi Z346 or the gorgeous tulle skirt and floral detail on St. Pucchi Z345, these St. Pucchi sample sale wedding gowns are fit for a Queen.

For the modern bride, these St. Pucchi Sposa Wedding Gowns are fashion forward yet still elegant. we love the sleek look on St. Pucchi Z301 and the delicate, hand embroidered flowers on St. Pucchi Z344. 

For the St. Pucchi bride lusting after something different, St. Pucchi Z273 is a great choice. This St. Pucchi Sposa Wedding Gown features a flirty bubble hem and a bodice beautifully embellished with crystal details. 

For even more beautiful St. Pucchi sample sale wedding gowns, click here. And be sure to come back next week as we round out even more of our favorites! 

Summer Clearance Sample Sale-St. Pucchi Couture Wedding Gowns

Summer is in full swing and we're celebrating with a summer clearance sample sale event! Take an extra 50% off our already discounted wedding gowns now through August 15, 2015. Just use code "SUMMER15" at checkout. 

This week, we've rounded up some of our favorite St. Pucchi couture wedding gowns you can find on the sale.

St. Pucchi Sample Sale- Couture Wedding Gown Sale 

St. Pucchi 9399

It's easy to fall in love with the gorgeous hand embroidery that decorates this St. Pucchi couture wedding gown. The silk organza A-line dress is a flattering cut for just about any bride and features a beautiful chapel train.  

St. Pucchi 9407

For the bride looking for that classic ballgown look, this pure silk organza ballgown is a gorgeous choice. This St. Pucchi couture wedding gown has a sweetheart neckline and an intricately beaded bodice featuring crystals and pearls. We love the romantic feel of the silk swirls on the full skirt. 

St. Pucchi 9429

Fit an flare wedding gowns have been growing in popularity since they're a great silhouette for both showing curves as well as having a bit of drama. This duchess satin fit and flare St. Pucchi couture wedding gown is hand beaded and features a tiered and bustle skirt with a chapel train. 


St. Pucchi 9298

Another memorable St. Pucchi couture wedding gown is this silk satin organza ballgown. It features a sweetheart neckline that's hand embroidered and beaded with Swarovski crystals. The drop waist is a flattering style for many brides and we love the whimsical feel of the layered skirt.  

St. Pucchi 9286

We love the bubble hem and full gathered skirt in this St. Pucchi couture wedding gown. Made out of pure silk taffeta, this gown features a low V-neckline trimmed with beautiful Swarovski crystals and an open keyhole back.

Matching Your Wedding Dress to Your Venue

Two of the biggest decisions you'll make when planning your wedding are the venue that you'll pick and the wedding dress. But does one relate to the other? Well, yes! Keep the tone of your wedding in mind and overall theme with our guide to matching your wedding dress to your venue. 

The Beach Getaway

Heading to the water for your big day? A dress that's appropriate for a beach wedding tends to be less formal and fitted, which is one of the reasons we love the flirty feel of this St. Pucchi wedding dress with a traditional tulle skirt. 

The Grand Ballroom

A beautiful ballroom wedding demands an equally stunning dress. Try a voluminous gown or mermaid style dress. 

The Great Outdoors 

This dress varies per setting. Going for a chic mountain look? Go for something with sleeves, this could be a gorgeous lace sleeve or cute overcoat. If you are having vineyard or barn wedding, light airy fabrics are a great way to go

Sophisticated in the City 

Having a downtown affair? Try something sophisticated and classy. A stunning cityscape backdrop calls for an equally stunning dress. Another great option for a city wedding is an show-stopping veil

No matter the venue, make sure your dress matches your unique style.

Fourth of July Wedding Ideas

With Fourth of July right around the corner, we've got red, white and blue-themed weddings on the mind. If you're throwing a patriotic fete, you'll definitely want to keep these Fourth of July wedding ideas in mind for your wedding day. 

Fourth of July Wedding Ideas

Dress:  St. Pucchi 720 . Cake via  The Knot . 

Dress: St. Pucchi 720. Cake via The Knot

One of the easiest ways to incorporate a patriotic theme into your Fourth of July wedding is with the dessert! This blooming wedding cake featuring gorgeous blue flowers is elegant and fits right in with the theme.

Dress: St. Pucchi 17 Dorothy.  Paper Goods:  Pink Piggy Design  via  Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Dress: St. Pucchi 17 Dorothy.  Paper Goods: Pink Piggy Design via Oh So Beautiful Paper.

A holiday wedding like a Fourth of July wedding is the perfect occasion to don a short wedding dress! The floral details on this St. Pucchi dress keep the look upscale yet fun and flirty. Get creative with this color theme and incorporate it into your paper goods, too. 

Sparklers:  Favors and Flowers . Dress:  St. Pucchi 9456 . Mason Jars via  Style Me Pretty .

Sparklers: Favors and Flowers. Dress: St. Pucchi 9456. Mason Jars via Style Me Pretty.

Invite your guests to join in on the Fourth of July wedding festivities with themed sparklers. If you're open to a colored wedding dress, this gorgeous St. Pucchi 9456 gown with red flowers perfectly encompasses the patriotic wedding theme. 

Arrangement via  Something Old, Something New . Dress: St. Pucchi Z343

Arrangement via Something Old, Something New. Dress: St. Pucchi Z343

A Fourth of July wedding can be chic and elegant with the right details. These floral centerpieces are simple yet sophisticated, just like this St. Pucchi wedding gown. 

Would you have a Fourth of July wedding? What do you think of this red, white and blue wedding inspiration? 

Real Bride Feature: Kassie & Ryan

This week, we're excited to share our first real bride feature showcasing Kassie and Ryan's gorgeous Las Vegas wedding! This creative couple (both photographers) threw a bash filled with personal touches. They said their "I Dos" at Springs Preserve and Kassie looked absolutely stunning in her St. Pucchi wedding gown. Luxurious and elegant, this fit and flare style flattered her perfectly. The hand-beaded bodice attaches at the knee to a layered tulle skirt full of layers of flirty ruffles. Kassie, this dress is just gorgeous on you. 

Congratulations to the happy couple, your wedding was gorgeous! 


Photographer:Chelsea Nicole Photography

Bride's Attire:St. Pucchi

Groom's Attire:Nordstrom

Groomsmen's attire:Men’s Wearhouse

Wedding Planner:Circle City Planners

Flowers:Circle City Planners

Cupcakes:Gimme Some Sugar

Music:Vitamin String QuartetDJ Harry O V