Mary Futcher


Two St. Pucchi dresses just took my breath away when I tried them on. But they were so different from each other, and I couldn’t decide which one I wanted. In stepped Rani. She was like a fairy godmother, but, instead of a magic wand, she had a pencil and a sketch book. I told her I loved this first dress but that I had always wanted a low back dress and felt more comfortable with straps. What does she do? She changes the dress to a low back dress and adds gorgeous straps. She also designed a one-of-a-kind cathedral-length veil to match. Next, I tell her I love the second dress, but I would want it to be short and with thicker straps. What does she do? She creates a beautiful 1920s inspired dress with thick, beaded straps and fun, flapper fringe for the skirt.She took the dresses I was standing in and showed me in the mirror and with her sketches exactly how they would look. I could truly envision them. She was a true professional, but at the same time very warm and personable. I could tell that she really cared about making my special day truly special. And it was! The dresses arrived 3 months before my wedding, and they were more beautiful than I had even imagined. The changes she had made were seamless. I received so many compliments on my dresses that I felt like it was the only thing I talked about all night! Words cannot express how absolutely amazing these dresses are. I felt like the most beautiful woman in the world on my wedding day, and it was all because of Rani and her amazing dresses at St. Pucchi. She is a true artist, who truly cares about her brides. I feel truly blessed and honored to have met Rani and to have worn her gorgeous designs.