Tara Zampella

As a first time bride in my 40's & a passionate ballroom dancer, I thought it was going to be a challenge to find a wedding gown to meet my needs, but one day while searching among a sea of white, I came across the most darling, delicate, beautiful gown I had ever seen. It was a St. Pucchi gown & it had utmost style & quality, with intricate lace details, swarovski crystals that glimmered in the light & clusters of silk flowers atop a luminous ball gown skirt.  It was mesmerizing, charming, etherial & made me feel like no other dress had. Once I tried it on, it was magic.... my feet went gliding through the store & my heart sang. Only one other thing in my life had ever felt like this, and that is my Christopher. I knew in that moment, this was the perfect gown for me in every way. I want to give credit and heartfelt thanks to the creative & talented mind of designer Rani Totman aka "St. Pucchi" who not only made this gown, but also created a one of a kind matching veil for me to wear that complimented me & the gown perfectly!  I felt like an angel walking down the isle to my future husband Christopher who was beaming with joy. It was the most breathtaking wedding gown I could've possibly had. I wish I could wear it again & again, but for now, I will treasure & preserve it along with the wonderful memories it holds. Thank you for helping to make our Wedding Day, Sunday May 18th 2014, the most memorable day ever. I felt like an angel & it was a truly magical day. I couldn't have done it without you!!!

Thank you so very much, Rani, for your talents & for creating my absolute dream gown & veil. It was perfect!