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One question, one simple answer, and your life has forever changed. You said “Yes” to the man of your dreams. 


How excited you must be as you start thinking of your upcoming wedding! So much to do, so many decisions to make . . . 

Perhaps you are a little confused, somewhat overwhelmed. Fret not. Award-winning Designer, Rani St. Pucchi can help you get there. 

But first things first . . .
You will want to share the wonderful news with your most important family members and friends before the rest of the world finds out. People can be sensitive, especially if they find out secondhand about your big decision. This way, you’re showing them how much you care. 

The days when everyone else discovered your big news via the announcement section in the Sunday edition of the local paper are behind us. Social media is most definitely the new platform. So, go ahead and share ring selfies and hashtags to communicate your new relationship status. Make sure to include your significant other when sharing your joy. 

Next, you may want to plan an engagement party. An engagement party is a great way to gather together to celebrate, and is especially nice to have if your families don’t know each other well so they can get better acquainted. 

Think of the engagement party as a kickoff to all the wedding events that will happen on your way to the altar. It can be as simple as having a cocktail party at your or someone’s home or as extravagant as renting a club or your favorite restaurant. 

Usually only family and close friends are invited to the engagement party, so don’t feel like you have to invite a ton of people. It’s totally fine to keep it intimate. Just make sure not to invite anyone who won’t be on the wedding guest list. 

You may want to have a small registry ready since guests might want to give you an engagement present. Remember, though, that people are not obligated to bring gifts, so don’t be upset if guests arrive empty-handed. 

What you’ll wear depends on the formality of the event and the venue. If you are going formal, then an evening gown would be appropriate and help you stand out. 

St. Pucchi Style 6202   

St. Pucchi Style 6202


Shorter dresses with interesting details, perhaps with lace trimmings, are a good choice for a casual outdoor affair. 

St. Pucchi Short Story – Style 350   

St. Pucchi Short Story – Style 350


Once the initial excitement has settled down, you’ll want to lay some groundwork for your wedding. If you’re like most women, while you may have envisioned the man you will eventually marry, you probably don’t have the vaguest idea of how to go about planning a wedding and where to start. 

To learn more about the morass of details involved in planning a wedding, from picking a wedding date to planning and divvying up your budget to sidestepping sticky social situation pick up Rani St. Pucchi’s new book,

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